To Our Much-Improved Health!

Libby Kirkpatrick, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist, takes on your good health.

The 'Holy Grail' to Better Health — Found At Last...

My mother taught me well, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." In that spirit, I'm about to shout something to the heavens!

This is about a form of healing therapy called Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (I'll call it BCST) as practiced by Libby Kirkpatrick right here in the Upper Valley at White River Junction's Open Door Studio. BCST grew out of the osteopathic tradition that's a gentle-touch approach to releasing tensions deep within our bodies. More importantly, as Libby practices it, it takes the form of a therapy that helps her clients focus on how to feel healthy in body, mind, and spirit. 

At Open Door Studio in WRJ, The Art of Living Well is what Libby Kirkpatrick practices so well.

While I was on Libby's table, fully clothed (except my feet) through the entire session, in a private room inside the gently cocooned comfort of her Open Door Studio space, she not only helped me heal, she also encouraged me, my body, and my mind to listen to each other and understand, actually learn how to FEEL well. This type of body/mind education is crucial so that when you leave Libby's table, your body knows how  to achieve good health and tell your mind how to do so. It's an approach to feeling and being healthy I've never encountered before, and it makes complete sense. Focus on health, not the ailment — how novel and encouraging an approach.

A small, spartan room within Open Door Studio where big healing happens.

I spent about an hour with Libby who moved her hands gently from the tops of my feet to points beneath my lower back and glutes. In each instance, I could barely feel her movements, but from her position as practitioner of a remarkable healing craft, she could feel movement and tension in my body.

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Libby directed the fluids that travel the spine from the cranium to the sacrum (thus, the Biodynamic 'CranioSacral' moniker) to points in my body where she felt tension. I didn't need to tell her where things felt 'off' within my body, though in some cases I did tell her after realizing she really could tell where my aches and pains were on her own. Was this magic, I wondered? I mean, how could she possibly know where I hurt by merely placing her hands gently on my feet?. She knew I had a severe pain in my right deltoid/shoulder that was traveling in a counterclockwise position, and she was right, and right down to minor details. My pain is chronic and is from a bad fall I'd sustained a while back, recently exacerbated by who knows what little thing — perhaps by how I'd slept on it the night before. She channeled healing fluids towards it and, voila, it felt better. I could go on, but you get the picture. Safe to say I was blown away.

Libby, the healing guide at work, educating me about BCST.

Libby created an awareness in me of how to feel good. No, she taught me what it's supposed to feel like to be in good health. And not just physically, but emotionally, too. According to Libby, BCST works as well with problematic physical ailments like kidneys or my long-running upper/lower back & shoulder pain, as it does with anxiety, PTSD, or any type of pain of the mental, spiritual, or emotional — any incurred trauma — sort. These might include stress from a soured relationship at the office, family dissonance, mood disorders, negotiating fight or flight relationships, concussion, depression, post-partum depression, mother/baby health and relationship development, etc.

BCST works part and parcel with the autonomic nervous system. That system guides our body/mind connection. In helping the body know how to feel well, Libby's practice has a considerable impact on the mind, too. Libby is gentle and curious, as much as she is vibrant and alive. She talks with her hands and gesticulates as she imparts information about how she's working with "the precious currency of now" with her clients. She helps her clients get into a 'zone' that encourages them to feel themselves in a whole new, and better, way. 

Libby getting passionate about her work.

For me, while on the table, nearing the end of our hour together, that 'zone' came as a wave of powerful and positive energy flowing from my feet up through my legs, torso and head, then down into my arms and fingers, almost as if a gentle set of hands had gotten beneath my skin and massaged me from within. I shuddered. Then it happened again, and again. Three times. I was in physical heaven. The next day, my mood was much improved, and I was ready to take on the work of the day in new and creative ways. Even my friends could tell something had changed in me for the better, and they said so.

Of course, no long-term fix to a lifetime of tension happens with just one session, so plan accordingly. As Libby offered, its not a one stop shop to panacea, but a process of undoing deep neural grooves — flexing the health muscles on one's own time with supporting self-care practices that go hand in hand with BCST.

Finally, Libby was careful and respectful of me and my body from start to finish. She helped serve as a force, a guide, to center my attention on myself, learn about my body, and feel how to be safe within myself. As Libby so deftly conveyed, the body and the mind can and do, indeed, must, work together. She told me "we are an orchestration of our consciousness," like fingers on a big hand, not separate but attached, and making a whole. Now, some 48 hours after our BCST session together, this means my body can tell my mind how it needs to feel, and my mind will respond in surprising and positive ways.

BCST is serious work, and Libby gives serious thought to convey to me what it's all about.

Hope you'll wander into Open Door Studio at 18 North Main Street in White River Junction, VT and find time to meet with Libby. Click Here ( Contact Libby at Open Door to learn more about BCST, her hourly fees, and when you might book a session. Or Click Here ( to learn more about Libby at her personal website. Or call Open Door at 802-478-4346. This is an hour that just might change your body and mind for the better!

Now, back to my mother...if only she could visit Libby, she'd tell you I do have something nice to say, and about someone who so carefully and encouragingly helps people feel their best. Wow, Libby, am I impressed! 


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