The Local Price Chopper

Lake Runnemede

The Closest Grocery Store within Miles

Sunday Mornings at the Windsor Price Chopper is very quite. Sunday afternoon the Price Chopper lights up with a flurry of activity after the Morning Church Services are concluded. 

Over the winter months the heating and pluming issues at the Local Price Chopper had many of the employees and customers frustrated.

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One odd thing was the automatic entrance door that would not close on its own. I personally used my shopping cart to close it myself. Of course there was a sign stating when it is cold the door will not close. 

In the store you could see employees wearing their winter jackets while working and the customers were stating it was so cold that they could not manage to pull out their bank card to pay. 

In the Meat section the ceiling leaking water and a isle had a barrier at one end, leaving the other end open to a certain point.

It was reported that the bathrooms were not in order on many occasions.

It was time someone said something, so a phone call to the health inspector, was in order. 

As usual Sunday afternoon, on a chilly winter day, following the call to the health inspector, none of the employees had their winter jackets on and I was sweating with mine on.       

Price Chopper is an important part of our local community.  


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