Vermont: Best State to Live according to CNBC

New Hampshire is Number 5.

In 2018 CNBC News channel chose Vermont as the best state in which to live.  New Hampshire is tied for number 5.  Considering there are 50 states, I'd say they both did very well, but I have to say, I'm pretty impressed to hear that Vermont was considered the best out of all fifty states.

Aging shed, and PMCC church in background, Post Mills, VT

On the one hand, I'm not that surprised that Vermont did well.  We have a beautiful state, with Green Mountain wilderness, and relatively fresh air to breathe.  And, Vermont is one state that does not allow billboards along highways.  On the other hand, we do have long winters, that can start early in November.  Sometimes winter can really hang in there well into April.

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The summers can be really beautiful here, though, most of the time, once they get here.  However, don't be surprised if you're tempted to turn on the heat some cool July morning, when you wake up and find it's foggy out, and in the low forties.

The scenic White River

According to CNBC:  "The Green Mountain State has America’s second-lowest violent-crime rate, a healthy population, a pristine environment and strong antidiscrimination laws to make sure all can enjoy the place."  I wonder if CNBC knows about Vermont's roads.  I've lived in Vermont on the same dirt road for many years, and right now we have about a mile of mud to get  through if we want to leave home.  If we do make it out, we have to hope we can make it back.  I wonder if the folks at CNBC gave any thought to the amount of dirt and gravel roads we have in Vermont, when they made their decision!


Muddy public road in Vermont

How do we put up with it here?  A two month mud season is just the tip of the iceberg.  After that it's instant black fly season, and in the last decade or so, the ticks have been vying for the nastiest pest award.  Just because it can get to twenty or even forty below  in the winter, it doesn't mean it can't hit 100 degrees in the summer. Fortunately though, there are many beautiful bodies of water to swim in and cool off. 

Treasure Island, Lake Fairlee

And when Summer comes, don't blink.  Once August comes, it's almost as if a switch has been flipped.  I'll barely get used to the sound of peepers, and the next thing I know, crickets are alerting me that the sun is setting almost an hour earlier than on June 21st.  

All in all, I really do love living in the state of Vermont, but I really do wonder about CNBC's decision to name Vermont as the number one state.  I mean, they said Vermont was better than Hawaii?!🙂

You can read the whole CNBC article here:

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