Lesson Up: good reasons to take a ski or snowboard lesson now.

Osher Ski Clinic participant Lois Roland learns correct technique from Skiway instructor Boo Blodgett.

Lesson Up: good reasons to take a ski or snowboard lesson now.

On Wednesday, while I was making a few runs down Worden’s before my Women’s Clinic lesson, I counted up how the number of years I have taken ski lessons.   11 years.  Not only single lessons, but a series of season long clinics, starting with my very first time on skis.  The total would definitely be higher, but I took a 16-year break from skiing to explore the world via sailboat.  Lessons were a necessity when I resumed skiing.  Skis had evolved from straight to shaped, which made turning easier but required learning a somewhat different technique.

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Why take lessons, especially this late in the season?  Or if you're already skiing or snowboarding at an advanced level?  Or if you're just starting out?

  • To improve technique, form and control
  • To move up in skill level (beginner to intermediate, intermediate to expert).   
  • To eliminate bad habits that creep in
  • To master unusual snow conditions:

Here in New England, unusual often means powder.  We know how to ski on ice and hard pack!  This winter, the weekly Skiway Women’s Clinic had some amazing powder days.  We worked hard on technique.  Lots of laughter, a few not so graceful moments, but we learned how to handle the stuff.  Even better, we learned why skiing it is so much fun!  

On Tuesday, I attended an adaptive skiers charity event at Pico.  About 6 inches of snow had fallen, covering the corduroy with a layer of champagne powder.   OMG!  It was the most fantastic skiing!  I had such fun - because, finally, I knew how to ski the stuff.

  • To gain confidence in handling steep terrain or more difficult terrain
  • To adjust our skiing or riding to what our bodies can do.   Mature skiers and snowboarders may find this especially helpful. 
  • Build a good foundation for next season. 
  • Increase your fun on the slopes.  

There are still a few weeks left in the season - plenty of time to learn something new.  Now that I’ve got the hang of powder, I’ll schedule a few lessons to improve my soft snow skiing.  See you out there.



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