Paul's Fabulous New Bracelet

Paul’s fabulous new creation, a gorgeous hinged bracelet using our customer’s gold, ruby and diamonds. 

Customer's ruby, diamonds and gold.

The first step was to hand carve this amazing piece in blue wax. Although it was a birthday present, it wasn’t a surprise because the design needed to be approved and the model needed to be tried on for fit. And a good thing it was, because the original model was too large for our customer’s wrist.

Bracelet Model in Blue Wax with sprue channels.

Paul reshaped the bracelet and revised both his hinge and catch in the wax. Then it was sprued up (attached to the mold vessel). The wax was burned out of the mold. The customer’s gold was melted and forced into the mold in the casting process.

Two halves of the bracelet attached to mold cylinder.

Rough castings are always close to the finished product, but they need to be cleaned up and polished.

The rough casting of the two pieces of the bracelet.

 Once these pieces were cleaned up and polished and the hinge and catch finished, Paul set the stones he removed from our customer's jewelry. Then he painstakingly applied the texture, each “dot” at a time! It’s truly a labor of love!

The finished bracelet.

“I just love it!” exclaimed our customer. It fits her wrist and her lifestyle perfectly!

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