Red Hen Bakery

A quick and tasty place to stop for a pastry or coffee

Upon entering the Red Hen Bakery, located off of Route 2 in Middlesex, VT, my friends and I were greeted straight away by a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The rustic wooden floors and tables and the small childrens’ play corner make for a very homey feel. In addition, the giant window by the kitchen allows you to see the bread being made; the ability to watch bakers perform their craft while sipping a warm drink and eating a pastry is a nice touch.

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Next to the counter there is an assortment of freshly made pastries on display. One of my friends, who had been to the bakery before, recommended the almond croissant so we opted for that as well as the chocolate almond croissant. As for drinks, I got a chai tea latte and my friend got a hot chocolate.

We quickly began eating the pastries, since they were given to us immediately while we waited for the drinks. The croissant dough was flaky and tender, and its buttery rich flavor was exactly what you would want out of a croissant. The almond filling was dense and sweet, and the shaved almonds on top of the pastry added a nice amount of crunch. Overall, the mix of flavors and textures made for a delicious almond croissant. The chocolate almond croissant had the same almond filling along with an added layer of dark chocolate underneath. The chocolate was not too sweet, which contrasted nicely with the almond filling. Both croissants were a generous size, and made for a satisfying breakfast.

The drinks took a few minutes to make, but were handed to us piping hot as soon as they were finished. The chai tea latte had a satisfying chai flavor, and was not overly sweet. The hot chocolate had a healthy serving of whipped cream on top, and was rich but again not too sweet.

Overall, the Red Hen Bakery is definitely worth a pit stop. Although we only delved into its pastry selection, it also offers sandwiches and artisan bread for purchase. Although we didn’t try these options, we’re sure they are delicious. Even if you aren’t looking for a full meal, we would wholeheartedly recommend stopping to try a pastry and enjoy the relaxed Vermont atmosphere that the Red Hen offers.

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