A Computer Scam alert from the Norwich PD

Don't let this happen to you

This is one scam that I can really relate to as this happened to me on Jan 29, 2014. While I was recovering from surgery at home and was medicated, I received a call from a Jack Thomas from (Microsoft) not really them though, stating that my computer was loaded with viruses and that they would fix it for me. For a very short while, a few minutes, perhaps, I believed them as they were very convincing, and I was not entirely with it.  I literally gave them remote access to my Computer. 

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I almost immediately realized it was a scam after asking them a few questions that didn't seem to add up.  They wanted me to go to a store and make a Western Union payment to them and they would fix my computer. I unplugged my computer and called the Norwich Police department right away.  I had to take my computer in to be serviced and it cost me a bundle. I also had to change all my banking info and passwords.  It was a nightmare scenario, but somehow we got through it. Please do not let this happen to you.

Photos courtesy of Norwich PD

Here is the Info from the Norwich PD that will surely help you with this scam alert.


Tech support scammers make convincing claims that there is a serious problem with your computer or a virus to get your money and steal your personal information. They use pop-ups or other urgent messages saying your computer is infected.

If you receive a call, hang up! If you click on a pop-up or strange link, disconnect your computer from the internet! Do not provide personal information or payment.

These scammers may pretend to be Microsoft, Apple, or another well-known company in order to try to sell you useless services. Some scammers have even posted fake numbers for such companies online that people then call, believing they have reached a valid company. Use extreme caution when searching for computer tech support help. Seek guidance and advice from your friends and relatives when trying to locate a tech support company. Never allow remote access to your computer or click links in a strange email or pop-up. 

These scams tend to be successful when people respond to the urgency of the call or pop-up. Taking steps to stop and verify before proceeding will help you avoid falling victim to this scam. If you are not sure, call the Consumer Assistance Program at 800-649-2424.

The scammers are out there believe me

They make it so convincing

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