Babysitting certification and First aid training that kids can use from Norwich PD and Rec departments

NPD and Norwich Recreation co sponsored a Babysitting certification course

A Babysitters  Certification course was held yesterday at the Norwich Police/Fire Safety training facility to teach local youth aged 10-12 how to properly care for babies and younger children.  photos and info courtesy of NPD.

The Team at the Norwich PD

Sgt Jennifer Frank  co-sponsor  for NPD 

Some outdoor safety training to chill them out a little

And a little more to make sure they are ready to settle in for some serious training

The Norwich Police and Recreation Department co-sponsored a 6-hour Babysitting Certification Course today for local youth, aged 10-12, who received instruction around CPR, 1st aid, and the safe and responsible care of children. They were additionally taught, practiced, and demonstrated skills such as: proper feeding, meal preparation, and diapering, and reviewed conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques.

Receiving proper life safety training

Course instruction and some hands on demonstrations

Am I doing it right?

Looks like a perfect diaper fit

Looks like a maze of kids and babys R us (just like the store names)


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I. The Business of Babysitting

  1. Characteristics of a great babysitter
  2. Great business practices
  3. Communicating with your own parents
  4. Information you need
  5. Respecting family differences


II.  Ages and Stages

  1. Infants
  2. Toddlers
  3. Preschoolers
  4. School Age


III.  Caring for Kids

  1. Safety
  2. 1st Aid
  3. CPR
  4. Behavior and Guidance
  5. Conflict management/ resolution
  6. Feeding
  7. Diapering and toileting
  8. Dressing
  9. Bathing
  10. Sleeping

IV. Games and Crafts

    a. Indoor

    b. Outdoor

    c.  Crafts

Sergeant J. Frank

Norwich, VT Police Department
10 Hazen Street / P.O. Box 311, Norwich, VT 05055

(802)649-1460 (Office)
(802)649-1775 (Fax)

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