Meet Your Local Health & Wellness Expert Julie Glynn, M.Ed., MA.

Julie Glynn, M.Ed., MA.

Once a week you'll have the opportunity to peek inside the mind of one of our local health & wellness experts. They'll share with you their advice, suggestions, wisdom and answer their most popular question from clients.

This week let's get to know our local health and wellness expert Julie Glynn, M.Ed., MA.  Julie is an 'anti-diet' coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Licensed Body Positive Facilitator and Health at Every Size (HAES) Practitioner.  Julie offers virtual group coaching and individual coaching.

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Tell us about yourself and why you choose to go into a health field? 

I discovered I was following in the footsteps of many women before me, obsessed with my weight and hyper focused on trying to change the size and shape of my body.  I was sacrificing my life hoping for a future in a smaller body.   Unfortunately I was in the future of all my past hopes, and nothing was any different than it was in the back then.  I wondered, what if I just love my body the way it is?   What if I treat myself the way I treat other things I love and appreciate?  It created such a sense of freedom when I stopped attaching negative thoughts to food and eating (nourishment) or physical activity (movement).   Plus it opened up much more opportunity to devote brain power and energy into living a happy healthy life. 

As an Anti-Diet Health Coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Licensed Body Positive Facilitator. I help other people stop trying to change the shape of their body and instead change the way they think about their body.    

What does that mean?  Though body positivity I help people learn to love their one and only body.  For some that might be a stretch so we start with respect, then acceptance and hopefully end up loving the body you’ve been gifted.   Intuitive eating establishes a trusting relationship where you listen to what your body needs and nourish and nurture it with the love it deserves.  Sometimes that means having a cookie or a brownie.  It's just food and all food is neutral, it's the thoughts we attach to foods that either make them good or bad.

What makes you unique in your field?

What makes me unique is that I’m me.   There may be other coaches who offer the same services and believe the same wellness philosophy I do.  Yet they won’t bring the same unique and authentic spin that I bring by being who I am.

Additionally, I have experienced the same struggle most of my clients are experiencing.   I’ve been unhappy with my body as far back as 7th grade and have been trying to change the size and shape of it ever since.  Finally I realized I’m too damn old for this.  It’s time to stop holding onto a dream and the skinny jeans that I may never fit into, clear out the clutter in my thinking and my closet and start living and enjoying my life right now.  

What question do your clients ask most frequently and how do you answer them?

“What’s the best way to get started?”  First of all I’d recommend reading the books I’ve mentioned below.  But to get started right now, I would recommend paying attention and listening to the hunger/fullness messages your body is giving you.  Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.  This can be difficult if we have a long history of not paying attention to hunger and fullness.  I have a printable scale on my website that can help you with this.  You can find that by CLICKING HERE 

What do you see as the greatest health risk posed to this generation?

Information overload.  People are being bombarded with conflicting information.  Health and wellness professionals all have their own ideas for optimal wellness.  Rightfully so, they promote what they believe, making it difficult for individuals to determine what will work best for them.  I’m hoping this blog, Meet Your Local Health & Wellness Expert, will be an avenue where different viewpoints are presented allowing people the opportunity to learn about different options and pursue the ones they find most resonating.  Click to Subscribe   

What’s the best health/fitness/wellness advice you ever received?

Stop Dieting!  The body doesn’t know the difference between a famine and a diet.

Your body works hard to keep everything in balance. Your heart rate has a range and your body works to bring it back into balance if it’s beating too fast or too slow.  Similarly you have a temperature range where again, your body works hard to stay within that range if you’re too hot or too cold.   What some people don’t know is that your body also has a weight range it works hard to maintain.  Unfortunately when we try to change our weight our body has to work hard to stay in balance and it screws up our weight range or set point.  We lose weight when the body is no longer able to maintain the range because restriction and deprivation are too significant.  This creates a famine. When you stop dieting (depriving) and eat the body goes into panic mode and increases your set point by storing more fat in the event of another famine (or diet, as we call it).  Every time you go on a diet, the body experiences famine.  Some body’s have been trained to expect a famine several times a year, so the body stores as much fat as it can between famines in preparation for the next one.  Basically it’s your body’s way of saying, “Since we're constantly experiencing a famine, I need too be prepared and store a lot of fat.

I used to live in an apartment where the electricity went out ALL the time.  It was annoying and inconvenient, especially the first few times.  Once I realized this happened a lot I started to stock up on candles.  I’d buy them at yard sales, off the clearance rack, anytime I could get a bunch of candles for really cheap I bought them so I had plenty on hand when the electricity went out.  Now imagine if the electricity went out for days and days and I used up all my candles.  I’d need to buy even more because the stockpile I had wasn’t enough.  The same thing happens with stored fat in preparation for the next famine.  Stop dieting and stop storing. 

Do you have a success story you'd like to share?

I had a client with some self diagnosed food addictions that she was certain were out of her control.  We spent some time with some of those foods, really tasting them, and listening to how her body responded to them.  After some experimentation she discovered she had been eating so quickly she never realized that she didn’t even like some of the foods she thought were her favorites.  Additionally, she also uncovered headaches and sluggishness that occurred within a few hours after eating those foods.  To this day she can walk past them at the grocery store and not even think of buying them.  Even better when she’s at a gathering she doesn’t have any desire to eat those foods and doesn’t feel like she’s using willpower to avoid them.  Instead, she made a choice.  She doesn't really like that food and she doesn't like the way she feels physically after she eats it so she chooses not to eat it and instead eats foods that taste better to her and don't leave her feeling sluggish later.

What is your favorite area of wellness to practice?

Besides intuitive eating, I like running.  I’ve completed several 5K’s.  Notice I said, “completed” instead of saying I “ran”.  I think I’ve only actually ran an entire 5k once or twice.  All the others I walked part way.  Sometimes I don’t feel like running but once I get moving I find it’s a great boost to my emotional energy and disposition.  Besides running, I love to walk.  Anytime I can walk instead of driving, I will.

What are you passionate about, besides your professional life?

Spending time with my grand babies.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra?

“What am I feeling?  What do I need?”

What’s one book you recommend everyone should read?

I think everyone should read Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch because it helps you learn how to stop dieting and make peace with food.  But over and above that I have to recommend Embody by Connie Sobczak as it helps you get on the journey towards loving your body.  Once you’ve started that journey it makes Intuitive Eating so much easier. 

What one suggestion would you make that would have the greatest impact for improved health?

Establish a healthy relationship with your body.  Treat it and speak to it the same way you would a child or your pet.

Any final piece of wisdom you’d like to share?

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.

How can people learn more about you?

People can learn more about me and get support in several different ways.

I have an Intuitive Eating and Body Image group coaching program starting in April to help you stop the dieting cycle and start loving your one and only body.  For more information visit my website HERE 

I have a Vlog/Blog on my website CLICK HERE

I have a Facebook Support Group called Body Positive, HAES, Intuitive Eating Superheroes which also includes a monthly book club to learn more about Body Positivity, HAES and Intuitive Eating..  You can find that HERE .

My Facebook Page can be found HERE

I can be reached through email at or by phone at 603-252-1865.

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Get to Know Your Local Health & Wellness Expert is brought to you by Julie Glynn Coaching. Julie has her master's degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  She is an Anti-Diet Coach, Body Positive Facilitator, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Health at Every Size Practitioner.   She facilitates live local workshops as part of the Upper Valley Women's Workshops,  She also offers individual and group virtual coaching for deeper transformation.  She hosts the Facebook Group Body Positive, HAES, Intuitive Eating Superheroes  as well as her Facebook Page .   If you have any questions, would like to be featured in an upcoming article, or know someone who would please contact,

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