Is New London part of the Upper Valley?

UV I Spy cat with some good gnus

UV I Spy cat is a little confused

Good news! UV I Spy cat has agreed to stop escaping and making life hard for me. 

But she still wants to explore the interesting places that make up the Upper Valley. I have agreed to take her around and learn along with her. 

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Which leads us to her latest adventure: New London. She enjoyed browsing the Tracy Memorial Library and stopping by some of the local shops. She purred when enjoying warm milk at Grounds coffee shop, and really liked all the whimsical gnu sculptures around town. 

But during our visit she wondered if the town was really part of the Upper Valley. 

Since I’m pretty new to the area myself, I couldn’t provide a confident response. 

I found this post on the Old Roads, Rivers and Rails page investigating the definition of the Upper Valley, which clarified to me that the concept of “Upper Valley” can vary widely. So maybe New London is a bit on the fence? 

It’s about 35 miles from the Hanover/Norwich area and certainly feels like its own distinct area as part of the wider Kearsarge-Sunapee region. But maybe that's just a bad first impression from our initial visit? 

Regardless of the Upper Valley label confusion, it was a fun place to explore even on a cold day. We plan to come back and check out the lakes and other towns in the area soon. Maybe after things warm up a bit. 

What do you think: Is New London really part of the Upper Valley? If so, why aren’t more people sharing stories about this area? So much to see and explore - are New London residents keeping it all secret?

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