DailyUV Blogging: What's it All About?

Background photo taken at Lyman Point, WRJ VT.

An Interesting Platform

As the name DailyUV implies, the platform is all about things related to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, (not ultraviolet light).  News stories, blog entries, market posts, and calendar listings are published daily and are continuously updated.  Some of the stories are what many would call "breaking news", and these stories seem to attract a lot of attention.  Remember the rabid bobcat in Wilder story?  Some stories are funny, and some are very serious.  Some stories are entertaining, and some are educational.  Some stories are promotions for upcoming events.  Some posts contain music, poetry, and/or videos, and almost always contain photographs.

DailyUV Logo

 I started using DailyUV a couple of years ago to sell some articles at the "Market", and I was glad to see that the platform worked very well for that. Here's a recent Market post for a cute rescue puppy:

A recent ad in Market on DailyUV

The Posts are articles published by the DailyUV bloggers.  Some bloggers publish several articles per week, some just publish once in a while. When I inquired about blogging, I was told some bloggers make "coffee money", and some make more.  

              Profile Page for one of the blogs, Rauner Library, home of   Special Collections at Dartmouth.

The bloggers are paid, based on the number of "impressions" a post receives.  And the pay rate varies month to month. Posts on DailyUV that have received more than 100 views, display the number of views received.  Impressions are views where the reader had an ad on their screen for a second or more.  If the reader looked quick, and decided not to read, then there was probably a view, but no impression.  In my limited experience about seventy five percent of views have become impressions.


              Blogger's listing showing views per post, next to the eye icon.   The little balloon with a number next to it shows the number of comments added by readers at the end of a post.

I started blogging with DailyUV in mid-December.  Mostly, I was looking for a place to publish my "Music Video/Historical Micro-Documentary" I had just completed, about the Montreal Express Railway Disaster of Feb 5, 1887, over the White River in West Hartford VT.  I had written the song about six years ago, and finally made a music video, performing the song on guitar and harmonica.   Thanks go to Chico Eastridge at CATV in White River Jct for recording the initial audio and video.  That was the basis for my first blog, and  can be seen here:  https://dailyuv.com/971839

Image from  my first post on DailyUV

A blogger on DailyUV can have many subscribers.  If you subscribe to a blog, you will get an email notification when that blogger publishes a post.  It's an easy way to keep up with bloggers whose work you find interesting.  There is a "subscribe" button at the top of each post. Just click on that button and you have subscribed.  If you change your mind later, you can unsubscribe. 

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Each blogger has a Profile Page.  Mine is shown at the beginning of this article.  On a profile page, you can read about the interests of the blog author, subscribe to the blog, and see how many posts, views and subscribers the blog has.  Also, the DailyUV home page has a search function, in case you are looking for a blog or a subject.  The little icon of a magnifying glass is where you enter your search criteria. In the example below, I searched for "rabid", which was a key word within the body of the post.

                              Result from a search for "rabid" on DailyUV

One blogger you may have heard of is "Vermont News".  The author of this blog usually writes about crime in the Upper Valley.  E-Ticker News does similar blogs.

"About Norwich" is popular blog with a focus on Norwich Vermont.  Demo Sofronas writes this one and it's amazing how many interesting stories he comes up with about Norwich.

                                  Profile Page for "About Norwich"

Worth Knowing is another popular blog, and I also particularly enjoy the 'Gardening Guy". If you enjoy the arts, then the ArtfulEdge blog may interest you.

When I inquired at DailyUV about the possibility of blogging, I was very impressed with the responsiveness and helpfulness of the staff. I met with some of the staff in January, and they were extremely helpful, answering all of my questions, and providing guidance.

There are no goals, and no deadlines, other than those I set for myself.   My current goal is to try to do one or two posts per week, and hopefully provide interesting material relating to the area in which we live.  Occasionally I publish a video, but all my posts have photographs and visual material.  Some of my favorite posts are:

What Can We Learn from Interesting Historic Maps of the Upper Valley?

Change in the Norwich village of Lewiston VT: Today and Yesterday

What Really IS the "Upper Valley"?

Most bloggers use social media, and local list-servs to promote their material.  However, subscribing to a blog is the best way to know when something of interest has been posted. 

My blog, "Old Roads, Rivers and Rails" explores the Upper Valley and how it has been shaped by history.  I love the old roads, railroading history, and settlement along the rivers, as well as maps that show how our world was viewed by former generations of Upper Valley settlers.   If you also like history of the Upper Valley, old roads, rivers and rails, old maps, and maybe even folk music, feel free to subscribe to my blog.  It is at:  https://dailyuv.com/profile/2536

I'm a retired Postmaster, having served Post Mills VT 1994-2013, and Sharon, VT 2013-2016.  I'm also a UConn graduate with a bachelor's degree in Geography.  I was a choir director at St. Anthony's in WRJ from 2006-2013, and I also compose and perform folk music on guitar and harmonica. 

One of the most rewarding things about blogging on DailyUV is getting emails and comments from folks about the articles.  Readers have shared their love of local history with me and have given suggestions for future articles.  The old map series has been a lot of fun in this way.

Mount Moosilauke as seen from Lake Morey March 1st, 2019

There are a little over a hundred bloggers on DailyUV.  There is an amazing variety of interests and information available, added daily.   When a week has gone by, a post stops appearing on the "newsfeed", which is what you see when you go to DailyUV, or use their app, and scroll down.  However, posts can still be viewed after a week has expired, by using the search function, a link, or simply going to a blogger's profile page.   Each profile page can be scrolled down to see the posts done by that blogger, in the order they were published.  Every day there is  something interesting to read and view on DailyUV.com.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope it was helpful.

Oh!  ...and will someone PLEASE adopt that cute puppy?🙂

- Bob Totz

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