A day in the life of a Norwich PD dispatcher/administrative secretary

She is also a new proud grandmother

I had an opportunity to interview Judith Powell, Administrative Secretary for the Norwich Police Department. I took a couple of photos and then asked her if she wanted to share her story.  Here it is in her words:

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I’m a native Vermonter raised on a dairy farm in Randolph Center. I currently live in White River Jct. with my husband David who is a retired, disabled firefighter.  Together, we raised four children and now we’re enjoying our grandchildren. Our newest grandson, Nicolas was born on February 17, 2019.

In 1986, I was a stay- at- home mom looking for a part time job. I began dispatching per diem for VSP at the Bethel barracks.  A couple of years later I took a full time dispatch position with the Hartford Police Department and stayed with them for 4 years. 

As my family grew I started looking for something more flexible and took a job as a temporary Correctional Officer at the Windsor prison.  Temporary status only meant that I couldn’t work more than 1560 hours per year.  I spent 7 years in jail, ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Then a few years at the court house in White River Junction and the State’s Attorney’s Office before coming to Norwich PD in 2008. 

Judy taking one of many calls that come in daily

To help make ends meet, I also work a few hours a week at the Thetford Police Department as their Administrative Assistant.  I’ve been doing that for about 3 years.

At some point, I would like to finish my college degree and I’d love to move “back home” to the Randolph area and spend  more time with my family.

Hobbies/extracurricular activities include: gardening, camping, and sewing, spending time with my large, extended family and clogging with the Mountain House Dance Company.

I’m also a 40 year member of Middle Branch Grange in East Bethel and  currently hold the office of Master of the grange.

You will always be greeted with a smile

I asked Judy to share some of her daily duties and a typical Judy day at the office includes:

* Phone inquiries,
* Judy takes emergency calls and directs them to proper agency/personnel
* Entering tickets into computer system
* Scheduling training and maintain classroom calendar
* Manages the police officers calendar
* Posts all invoices to be paid
* Payroll duties
* Prepare cases for the State's Attorney's office.
* Answer questions and provide guidance and coordination to other Law           enforcement departments.

Judy wanted me to know that an elevated sense in what is right and wrong and a sense of fairness and justice are the reasons someone would either make it or break it in Law enforcement.

She likes the Community policing concept that is presently being used here in Norwich and feels it is extremely important that parents let their children know that they should not be afraid to talk with a police officer and also to never fear a police officer.  They should always respect them for their position, as a law enforcement officer.

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