Thursday: LIVE Local Music in the Upper Valley Tonight

Thursday: LIVE Local Music in the Upper Valley Tonight

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Burr! The dead of winter... BUT we can warm up with LIVE music tonight!  Here is a list of venues where you can warm up...

Common Man in Claremont hosts Jim Yeager tonight from 6:00 - 9:00. Hint: You might be able to "watch remotely" on FaceBook IF Jim decides to go live on Facebook live, check about 7:30. Translation: Home, on the couch, AND watching LIVE Local music! Win/Win! Thank you Common Man in Claremont

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Salt Hill  Hanover hosts their Irish Traditional Session tonight with Randy Miller and Roger Kahle from 6 - 9. Get tuned up for the coming of St. Patty's Day!

Salt Hill Lebanon host their Open Mic tonight with Alec Currier! This is the only open mic tonight in the valley, that I know about. If you have a special song to share, this is the place! Time: 8 - 11. 

Salt Hill West Lebanon hosts Karaoke with Chris Powers tonight from 9 - 12. Can't play an instrument but still want to sing? Here's your chance! 

Windsor Station hosts Sensible Shoes tonight beginning at 7:00. Dance to the charming sound tonight! 

Enjoy your evening as you support LIVE Local Music! 

Jim Yeager is at Common Man in Claremont tonight.

Chris Powers hosts Karaoke tonight at Salt Hill West Lebanon.

Sensible Shoes are at Windsor Station tonight: 7:00.

Open Mic at Salt Hill Lebanon with Alec Currier from 8 - 11.


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