Midweek at the Dartmouth Skiway: like skiing a private mountain.

Midweek powder morning on John Meck.

No lift lines. No crowds. Plenty of mountain.

No one likes lift lines.  Standing in line when you should be enjoying a run down your favorite trails is a waste of a good ski day.  

For me, waiting in a lift line is NOT an event to experience, fun or something I care to do.  45-minute waits and shuffling through the cattle chutes is not enjoyable.   It can be fun to see the latest in ski fashions or vintage ski wear, but time wasted in a lift line is time lost on the mountain.

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Long lift lines often translate into crowded trails and slopes.  Not everyone skis or rides in control.  Or follows the skier’s responsibility code.  Or exercises common sense and courtesy.  Dodging other skiers, passing safely (whatever happened to shouting out “on your left “ or  “on your right”?), can be like skiing an obstacle course.

If you prefer no lift lines and frequently having trails all to yourself, I highly recommend skiing or snowboarding  mid-week mornings at the Dartmouth Skiway.   On Wednesdays-Fridays, when both Holt’s and Winslow lifts are running,  you’ll likely find yourself enjoying lots of private runs on Herman’s Highway or savoring a solo schuss down Worden’s!  

Wednesdays-Fridays, adult lift tickets are under $30 for a half-day and less than $35 for a full day for all the skiing or riding you want on both Winslow and Holt’s mountains. Children and seniors pay less and Super Seniors (80+ years) ski free.  Mondays and Tuesdays, everyone skis Winslow only for just $21, all day (Super Seniors ski free, of course).  That’s plenty of skiing or riding on plenty of mountain at a reasonable price. 

Another big plus of mid-week skiing - lots of time and space to work on technique.  Personally, i am determined to one day master powder skiing as well as to achieve at least minimally graceful form skiing moguls.  While both goals have proved somewhat elusive, this season’s plentiful mid-week powder days (and the Women’s Ski Clinic) have really helped.  I hoot and holler when i get it - which now happens more than once a season!  Moguls, well it isn’t pretty - yet.  i can now ski through 3 or so before I lose the flow.  

First tracks mid-week:  No one ahead, no one behind, just untracked snow to enjoy.  Yes!

The big problem with getting out mid-week is of course, life obligations, such as work.  Ski season is  is short (and getting shorter) and conditions are excellent.  Declare yourself a personal day, take a few hours for yourself and come ski!  The Skiway is only a short drive from most Upper Valley employers.  You can get in plenty of runs and still make an 11AM meeting.   Or, if work isn't an issue, but all that stuff that has to get done is, put off the errands and chores for a few hours.  Stores are open late, but the lifts close at 4PM.

Midweek at the skiway. No lift lines, no crowds, plenty of mountain.  Right in our neighborhood.   Ski local!



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