Wisdom of a Maple Tree

A poem I wrote for a group of lovely woman facing some uncertaintly about their future.

                                Wisdom of a Maple Tree

Does the tall maple tree think she is ill when her leaves begin to fade?

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Does she fear the end is near when they harden and start to slip away?

Does she mourn when the wind and rain strip away her foliage leaving her unable to dance in the wind?

Does she feel ashamed when every curve, raw spot and broken piece is exposed?

Does she shudder in fear at the sight of those around her also stripped to the core? 

Will she survive the long winter months lonely, longing for what was?

She must search inside herself for signs of life.

She feels the faint sweet sap deep in her bones. She must trust in herself and dig deeper.

She reaches down through the frozen ground she stands upon. She begins to feel the warmth below.

Encouraged, she listens with her heart.

There are others longing for the connections that lie deep in the layers. 

She knows there is truth buried here.

They are woven together by the invisible web, beyond what the horizon holds.

In the dark depths they hold hands. Taking sips of wisdom from the elders. They feed strength to one another.

It is here trust is found. 

As sacred friends together they await for the light to lengthen in the sky once more. 

When it does, they’ll giggle as new leaves unfold. They’ll dance in the wind like never before. Thankful for the love that was found.

Doreen Guillette

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