Changing Pain

Pain is a part of life. It sounds a little wrong, but in reality people experience pain all the time. It is a normal and important signal that your body uses to communicate. We have a saying in our office, “Pain is mandatory. Suffering is not!”

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Whatever the reason, when pain is not adequately addressed and the problem is not corrected, individuals are left depending on pain medications to function. And because of restrictions on opiate prescriptions, there will be a point in time when they cannot be prescribed those medications anymore, and the person must either choose to suffer with the pain, or to self-medicate with other, more harmful substances. If we are going to treat pain, then we need to look beyond medications.

Fortunately, there are many alternative and complementary health providers in the Upper Valley. Chiropractic, massage, hypnosis, acupuncture, Alexander technique, and others are all effective in treating different aspects of the pain experience. They can be used separately or used in combination for even greater results.

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Karen Gray CH, RN

Karen Gray is a Certified Hypnotist, a Registered Nurse, and the Director of Green Mountain Hypnosis. For more information on how you can use hypnosis to change your life, contact Karen at, or (802) 566-0464.

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