The Awarest of the Aware

Dressed In Blue

Wow. I can't even express to you how blessed I felt on Friday as friends and family sent me their bluest selfies to show their love and support. It was better than my birthday. If you know me, but don't know that you need to get a colonoscopy as soon as you have symptoms or when you turn 45, whichever comes first, then you're not listening. 

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So here they are, the rockstars of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day. From the four corners of the country: New England, Seattle, Phoenix, South Carolina. From my (perfect) 11-month-old niece to her 72-year-old Pap. From people I've known my entire life to my sister-in-law's coworkers, who I've never met. They are all just so great, you guys!

Laura, Truman, Rebecca, Jessica, Tami, Athena, Rosie, Bob, Erin, Nancy, and Ann

Coral, Jessi, Kalem, Pam, Liza, Terri, Kate, Missi, Stephanie, Erin, Sherry

Otelah, Hatsy, Tom, Becky, Jim (my dad), Dalton, Max, Lisa, Dave, Maggie (best niece ever), Tom (best brother/uncle ever), Kurt

My sister-in-law and her coworkers, Max, Ryan, Annie, DJ, Luella (my momma)

Nan, Alicia, Abass, Angie, Virginia, Heidi, Clayton, Jason, Joe, Rishi

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