Another "News you can use" article from the Norwich PD

Changing your passwords will help keep your accounts safe

In this news you can use segment, I have added this mornings list serve posting from the Norwich Police Chief, asking you to be careful not to use the same password or username over and over again. The " bad guys" know how to take combinations of usernames and passwords and use them to access accounts.

News you can use from the Chief

Here is the posting:

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13. Turbo Tax Breach (or don't give away your stuff)
From: "Robinson, Doug" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 14:22:52 +0000

Another warning from the Dept. of Public Safety, Dept. of Digital Services.

It seems like only last week I mentioned the Dunkin Donuts breach caused by a credential stuffing attack.

Photo credits courtesy of PD

Here we are again with Turbo Tax being breached in the same manner.  The bad guys used usernames and password combinations they found elsewhere and used those to get access to tax records.  It is not known how many accounts were compromised.  Information like names, social security numbers, addresses, dobs and a whole bunch more have been exposed.  If you were affected you will likely have received notice from Intuit already.

I am highlighting this breach for the same reasons as the Dunkin Donuts breach....DON'T RE-USE CREDENTIALS. If you do, you're just giving your stuff away!

Think about it this way:

Having the same password on all your accounts is like having the same key for your car, the house and your safe deposit box.  Sure it makes it convenient, but if someone gets that key, they get everything.  Say good bye to the fancy television in the living room, the car and Gramma's jewelry in the safe deposit box.  You may as well be giving it away.  Don't give away your stuff!  Use different passwords and usernames for all your accounts.

Are you finding it overwhelming to remember them?  Consider a password manager like: Last Pass, Keeper or Splash ID.

Thank You / Stay Safe

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