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Windsor Vermont is one of those States bordering New Hampshire, where NH residents are not required to carry auto insurance. 

I interviewed a NH resident that earns a living driving State to State, including Massachusetts he states that, "he does not have to carry insurance because he is a NH resident and is only subject to the Laws that Govern that State", I tried to dispute the subject with logic; it was not received well.   


NH Resident Driving in MA with No Insurance

Posted by Kathy Cormier on Mar 16, 2012 2:03:00 PM

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NOTE: This question was answered based upon current rules, regulations & statutes in effect on February 24, 2012

'We are having an internal argument.

If you are a resident of New Hampshire and therefore not required to purchase compulsory insurance come to Massachusetts with your vehicle that is not insured –when you cross the border are you breaking the law? You be fined, jailed, impounded? Happens if you have an accident with a Mass Resident?

Thanks for allowing me to tap in to your knowledge on this one...


Irene Morrill: Live free or die ...but I'm not sure if you go to MA on a regular basis if you become subject to our laws.

Many years ago ...my brother was in an accident with an uninsured NH resident in MA ... I thought the person should have been arrested ...but they weren't.

Sending this to Dan Foley, Esq., VP Government Affairs ...legal counsel for MAIA ...and Donna McKenna, VP Communications who knows much about registry issues. so ...guys ...what's the answer

Donna McKenna: Massachusetts gives you a 30-day (per year) free pass before you have to meet our compulsory liability limits. If you live in NH and work in Massachusetts, you are subject to our compulsory liability requirements because you are here more than 30 days a year.

Here’s the statute:


Section 3. Operation of motor vehicles owned by non-residents; limitation; liability insurance; vehicles used in connection with place of business; suspension or revocation of right to operate vehicle; registration.

Section 3. Subject to the provisions of section three A and except as otherwise provided in this section and in section ten, a motor vehicle or trailer owned by a non-resident who has complied with the laws relative to motor vehicles and trailers, and the registration and operation thereof, of the state or country of registration, may be operated on the ways of this commonwealth without registration under this chapter, to the extent, as to length of time of operation and otherwise, that, as finally determined by the registrar, the state or country of registration grants substantially similar privileges in the case of motor vehicles and trailers duly registered under the laws and owned by residents of this commonwealth; provided, that no motor vehicle or trailer shall be so operated on more than thirty daysthe aggregate in any one year or, in any case where the owner thereof acquires a regular place of abode or business or employment within the commonwealth, beyond a period ofdaysthe acquisition thereof, except during such time as the owner thereof maintains in full force a policy of liability insurance providing indemnity for or protection to him, and to any person responsible for the operation of such motor vehicle or trailer with his express or implied consent, against loss by reason of the liability to pay damages to others for bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting therefrom, caused by such motor vehicle or trailer, at least to the amount or limits required in a motor vehicle liability policy as defined in section-four A.

Hope this helps!

Dan Foley: I agree with what Donna has said, so the NH driver would not be arrested for not carrying auto insurance. Certainly, depending on the circumstances of the accident, say if the NH driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc and caused the accident, that person could be arrested for those offenses but not for not carrying auto insurance.

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