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Mabel and Diana.

Thank You from Mabel

Editor’s Note: When I first saw this post on the Norwich listserv, I immediately made plans to publish it in this issue. In one small piece, the themes of gratitude, community, service to others, joy in simplicity (and, of course, the healing power of pets) are all here.

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Good morning! 

A couple months ago, in the midst of finding my 74-year-old, shut-in, hurt and disabled neighbor, Mabel, in distress and in need of just about everything under the sun... I posted: “ISO a monitor for a DVD player.”

The response was overwhelming! Some incredible folks even delivered right to my farmers market site! It took a while, filtering out the functioning and non-usable ones, and obtaining just the right cables... though success was finally had, and...
On behalf of Mabel and her improving condition, I wish to say: THANK YOU❣ to all that offered mechanical, logistical and emotional support.

It brings me to tears how grateful I am, and how fortunate WE all are to have one another.

How do any of us get well and move forward? By standing on the shoulders of others! After a very long wait, Mabel goes in for her knee surgery on December 7th. Yippee! She has been a precious gift to me and all she touches.

Thank you, beautiful community.

Mabel and Cameron, one of the people living in the ‘community.’ He is a constant helper to Mabel. He walks 22 times around the common each morning, and stops by her door to make her coffee before she gets up each morning, then continues on his walk. The cat is Bamboo, a rescue kitty Diana brought from Costa Rica (who has gone through his own wars!). Mabel is trying to adopt Bamboo if the landlord will allow.


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