Fun Facts You Didn't Know about Local Distillery Vermont Spirits

1. They have a customized still nicknamed the Titan.

There's only 1 like it in the east and a few in the world!

2. They were featured in Popular Mechanics as one the World's Top 5 Most-High-Tech Distillery.

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Holy cow!  That's high accolades! This is one of 30 mentions in the news.  See the full list here.   Here are my favorites from the list:

a blog written about how VT Spirits takes the industry standard and turns it on its head to make a great vodka that people love.  

an article that takes about crushing stereotypes with vodka and how VT Spirits does just that, and does it well.

a magazine article that talks about the new trends in the alcohol industry

This type of vision and creativity is certainly something to celebrate and be proud of.  And they call the Upper Valley home.  How lucky are we?

3. There are fun terms for parts in their production process

Mike Copp, manager of Vermont Spirits, filled me in on the distilling process, which was so fun and informative.  I learned some of the lingo used in the distilling world: worm and parrot.  (I included links with more info.) The worm is the nickname for the copper condesenser and the parrot is the name for the proofing mechanicism because it shaped like a parrot.

4. They named their products after historical facts about Vermont. 

#14 Brandy, Bourbon, and Maple Spirits: In 1791 Vermont became the 14th State.

Copper's Gin: Vermont used the copper penny as currency in the Vermont Republic until they were admitted into the Union in 1791.

5. One of their products uses barrels shipped from Hungary!

I thought this was really fascinating.  You have to use certain types of wood barrels to age certain types of liquor because it affects the quality and color of the finished product.  The process is explained more here.  So for their #14 Maple Spirits, the alcohol is aged in a Hungarian oak barrel to create an amber color.

Check them out at Quechee Village right on Route 4.  They're on the far right of the shopping complex.

Enjoy a free tasting while you're there.  To read more of what it's like to experience Vermont Spirits, see my Innovation and Local Flavor post.

Looking for a fun day trip?  Try a beverage tour of the local distilleries or learn about how other local products are made in Windsor.  What about a beer and wine dinner with two local ones coming up here.

Looking for something more wintery?  How about winter biking?  


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