A Night Ride along with Norwich Police Officer Anna Ingraham

Keeping Norwich Safe is what they do

On Frebruary 25, 2018 at approximately 8:06 PM, I set out for a night patrol with officer Anna Ingraham. We rode together until 9:10 PM. Anna has been a police officer since 2009. She started her career at the Windsor VT. correctional facility as a corrections officer for 2 years. 

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She treated people as she would like to be treated and if they made a mistake she was always willing to listen to them and offer guidance so they would have a chance for a better life.

In 2011, She became a part time police officer for Windsor Vermont and in 2012 achieved full time status. Officer Ingraham transferred to Norwich in 2015.

The main reason for becoming a police officer is to help people. We talked a little about the various shifts that she works and she explained the 4 - 10 hour days shift and the normal day shift 5 days a week shift. She likes them both.

She likes reaching out to the families and kids especially to show that a police officer is someone that they can talk to whenever they need to.

L to R Officer Ingraham and Sgt Frank with the schoolchildren at the MCS touch a Truck day

Thumps up I would say

Wow ! look at all that cool electronic stuff

The above photos were also taken by me at the MCS touch the truck day in the fall of last year to show what community policing is all about.

We continued our patrol  throughout the town and then did radar checks on Union Village Road. 

8:45 PM - Officer Ingraham pulled over a driver for speeding and issued a citation for a speeding violation.

Officer Ingraham checking drivers documents

Another view

Picture is taken from a distance

I asked Anna what her hobbies might be and here they are.

Anna's hobbies include camping, kayaking,reading, and hiking. She also thinks some day she might want to work with wild animals. She was inspired by a visit to the Franklin Zoo in Boston during an 8th grade school trip.

I asked her what her short term and long term goals would be:

Short term: She would like to become a Sergeant someday.

Long term: She has quite a few years left in her career and at this point is not sure what her long term goals would be. May be she will get her chance to work with wild animals.

Meanwhile she will continue to do her part to keep Norwich a safe place to live and or visit.

We made another swing around town and my ride along ended at approximately 9:10 PM.  Thank You to Anna and the Norwich Police department for allowing me an opportunity to share your experiences with my readers.

Stay tuned as there might be one more interview or ride along to do.

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