A WISE Donation

A wise donation! When you have your rings and earrings cleaned at Designer Gold, we are happy to answer your question, “Don’t I owe you something?” “No, but you’re welcome to put a donation in the WISE Jar.” In the ten years that we’ve done this, that little jar has collected over $3,100.00 in one- and two-dollar donations. It’s wonderful how those little bits add up.

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In the early 1970's WISE meetings where held in an upstairs room over what was then the Hanover Hardware store on Main Street in Hanover and is now the Ledyard Bank Building. Initially it was a place where women could meet other women to get information about all sorts of things: education, employment, and family dynamics. The acronym came from its early name: Women’s Information Service

It soon became clear that many women were suffering from domestic and sexual violence, and WISE stepped into the gap to provide crisis support. Today it has become so much more. In addition to the hotline and safe house for victims, it is our local agency for education and prevention of domestic and sexual violence, youth and community outreach, trauma support training for first responders, support for college students who are victims or survivors of date violence, and even more.

 Designer Gold has been an avid supporter of WISE since before Paul Gross was the first male Board Member in the 1990’s. So, I am pleased to present to Betsy Kohl, Development Director of WISE, the latest collection from our WISE Jar, $505.00.


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