It’s Easy to Kill Your Rosemary Plant Now – or Save It!

Back in the dark ages, before I was well informed about rosemary, I killed several plants that I had babied through the winter indoors. Come March? They died. Here’s what you need to know:

Now the sun is stronger than it was in January, and the plants are waking up for spring. Their roots are growing and seeking moisture. Instead of watering once a week, twice a week is better. Necessary, in fact. Leaves are growing and need more water.

This rosemary is doing well, and getting water more often now than earlier in the winter.

Rosemary plants, which do well in dry climates like California or the Mediterranean coast, do not survive if their roots become totally dry. Outdoors there, their roots go down deep to a soil layer that keeps slightly moist. But in a pot? It’s easy to let them dry out.

Look to the bottoom left, you will see the leaves are wilting - a sure sign that water is needed.

If you see the leaves start to wilt, water immediately!  Sadly, if you miss a watering and the plant is in a sunny window, your plant may die. And then, no matter how much you water your dead rosemary, it will not come back to life. I know, I’ve tried.  

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