A ride along with Norwich Police Officer Francis Schippert (check out the photos)

First chore of the patrol!, is to get petrol!

Just another day in the neighborhood

I had a chance to ride along with Norwich Police Officer Frank Schippert  on February 25, 2018.  We started our ride at 11:05 AM.  Our first stop was at the Norwich DPW garage to get some gas for our journey/ patrol. We arrived DPW at 11:10 and resumed patrol at 11:15 AM  Photos by me and times are not from official police log.

Fill it with regular please

A High school career day is what inspired him to become a police officer and he  joined the Long Island Auxiliary/Special police force in 1984 and served until 1986.

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As we set out to start our patrol of Norwich, I took a few moments to interview Francis.  He said he moved to Vermont in 1988 and became a Vermont certified police officer in 1989. His first assignment was working in Wilmington VT. for 2 years.

Francis transferred to  Springfield VT, in 1992 and in 2006 did various assignments before coming to Norwich as a full time police officer. 

He said he likes the community policing practices that were implemented in Norwich under Chief Douglas Robinson's watch. He believes in reaching out to kids and their parents as opposed to the stigma of,  why is a cop coming to see me? He sees this as a win/win and a great style of policing. The job has been a good career choice for him and he enjoys the one to one interaction.

Francis then told me something I didn't expect to hear, his biggest regret  was when he had to investigate a suicide case. This investigation really took a toll on him, as he felt he was not able to help prevent this from happening.

He also dislikes how TV shows portray police officers and police work. Real life police work is a lot different and much harder to do.

We now are ready to do some radar checks on Route 5 N. Time is 11:25 AM.

11:45 AM - 12:00 Noon, we drive on Union Village and then take a right onto Bradley Hill Rd, where we receive a complaint of a runaway dog in the middle of the road. There are also several tree branches in the road.

Officer Schippert approaches the vehicle of person who filed runaway dog complaint. Owner did not want to be photographed.

The photo below shows the dog being redirected back onto the owners long private drive.

These snowdrifts appeared in just minutes due to the high winds and blinding snow

Clearing some tree branches that fell onto the middle of the road, due to high winds

Coming back for the finishing touches.

Almost done

And now it is time for a quick photo opp before we return to base at approximately 12:25 PM

 Good work Frank !

Oh by the way, Frank has hobbies which include camping, walks, hikes, salt water fishing travel and yes relaxing when he can.

Stay tuned for another ride along coming soon (this one is a night ride) and it is not with Frank.

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