Sunday, March 3rd, 10am - Music and Spirituality led by Emerson Gale.
Ended March 03
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Sunday, March 3rd, 10am - Music and Spirituality led by musician and educator Emerson Adrian Gale. Emerson Gale will be leading a experiential service on Music & Spirituality. Emerson will offer a combination of ecomusicology reflections and immersive Nada Yoga sound therapy exercises. The program will include a piano opening by Jeffrey Gale and various music-philosophy-themed hymns led by the new UU South Strafford band! Emerson holds a BA and MA in Philosophy & Religion with a focus on Ecomusicology. For the last decade, he has been building intergenerational communities via the arts and outdoor education in the U.S., U.K., and China. Emerson enjoyed facilitating services for the Unitarian Universalist London community while living in the U.K. He recently relocated to Vermont and joined the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra as well as the UU band of South Strafford. Emerson is teaching joy-based beginner violin lessons and organizing inclusive music gatherings and improv workshops in the
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