Public Transportation in Windsor Vermont

The Cost of Local Transportation

Affordable, friendly and Worth the price!

Public Transportation in parts of the Upper Valley is limited. 

G-Mac Taxi is a local family owned company: 802-674-9952

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Amtrak: stops at 11:56 am going all ports South and 6:02 pm all ports going North:|Brand|Amtrak%20KW|Exact-google&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5NPjBRDDARIsAM9X1GKGgu1moZ8q7TNBrCUsEPIhq_QbzidPJK7HCBQ_aKBDbSexYV0XxRcaAqSNEALw_wcB

New Ace Taxi: Will deliver up to 10 Idems for you: 603-558-3116

New Ace Taxi Service

The Settles Town:  


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