Back in the mid to late 60's when the Vietnam war was raging many young boys and men were drafted and sent to their deaths by our government. In fact, 58,000 men and women died taking part in this fruitless mission. 

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Recently my brother and I visited Washington, DC for the purpose of visiting our museums primarily the Holocaust Museum and the Black History and Culture Museum. Both were eye opening experiences. 

We also took the time to visit the Vietnam War Memorial. I had two high school classmates who died in Vietnam. One was killed after only a few weeks in Nam. He was a lieutenant on a patrol boat. The other died in a fire fight.

This brings me to my point; it seems that our dear leader had a "bad" case of BONE SPURS and was able to avoid going to Nam on medical deferments. If you have not read the details regarding our dear leader and his phony medical deferment you should.

So now after about 50 years dear leader feels it is now "safe" for him to go to Vietnam. This is a sick irony and I am personally disgusted with the Trumpsters' total lack of loyalty to his country which now shows up in his self interest and business dealings. 

John M. Farrell


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