Unpacking The Selectboard Packet for 2/27

Norwich Selectboard on 1/23/19. Source: CATV screen shot

The Selectboard meets on Wednesday, February 27. This is the final meeting for this Selectboard. By statute, after the election, the Selectboard is required by statute to "Forthwith … organize and elect a chair…." 24 V.S.A. § 871(a) 

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The agenda for the February 27, 2019 meeting is below.  Here are some things I found of interest in the Selectboard packet for this meeting

3. Consent Agenda (Action) 
a. Correspondence
i. Written presentation to SB by Marion Cross 5th-grade class on 2-13-2019
An impressive 44 page report by the fifth grade at Marion Cross School on Plastic Pollution. If you missed their presentation to the Selectboard, see this post from Demo on the dailyUV. 
ii. John Langhus, re: draft ordinance to ban plastic bags
Proposed ordinance banning the use of all checkout or carryout plastic bags by retailers and requiring them to charge a 10 cent fee for paper bags. Though listed under correspondence, it is possible that the Selectboard could pass the ordinance at the February 27 meeting, as confirmed to me by Selectboard member John Langhus. 

MISSING from Correspondence are letters to the Selectboard  from interested parties regarding proposed Article 38, which would allocate $50,000 from the existing Conservation Commission Designated Fund to develop recreation and non-vehicular trail network. Rumor has it that the Conservative Commission raised concerns. 
4. Liquor Control Board – Liquor Licenses (Discussion/Action)to 
No materials in the packet. Six liquor license applications for the Selectboard to approve acting as the Liquor Control Board. The granting of liquor licenses is usually perfunctory. Still, it would be nice if these applications were made public, as has been past practice.  

6. Agenda for Organizational Meeting (Discussion/ Action)
May involve further discussion on a) using a chair pro tempore at that meeting in the interest of collegiality and b) holding the meeting on Tuesday night, immediately after the election results are certified by Bonnie, rather than the traditional Wednesday evening meeting time.

7. Conflict of Interest Policy (Discussion/Action)
Packet materials suggest a seemingly minor tweak to satisfy State and Federal  law. 

8. Draft newsletter content (Discussion/Action)
Sample content to possibly include in the next print edition of the Norwich Times, at the cost of $250.

9. Current Budget Spending (Discussion) 
a. In General
b. Winter Sand & Salt
The materials in the packet relate to environmental harm associated with using road salt. See also Winter Weather Wreaking Havoc On Norwich Budget.

POSTED: 02.25.2019

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