Cabin Fever University Class: Home Brewing -- MAKE YOUR OWN BEER & ALE (FROM A KIT OR FROM SCRATCH)
Ended March 10
Leslie Berger
Cabin Fever University class: HOME BREWING - MAKE YOUR OWN BEER & ALE (FROM A KIT OR FROM SCRATCH). Instructor: David McWilliams. When: Sunday, March 10th, 1-3pm. Location: David's Home, South Strafford, VT. Cost: $5. Description: Beginners can learn to brew a batch of beer for the first time. More experienced brewers can share their know-how and ideas. We'll cover the basics: equipment needed, procedures, brewing kits versus purchasing ingredients, "extract" versus "all grain" recipes, types of grains, hops, yeasts, and sources for brewing supplies (both local and mail order). For more info & registration: or (802) 299-1583
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