March 1: Blues for a Day

Are you aware?

This is my third March as a colon cancer survivor. The third time I'm gearing up to bug everyone I know, far and wide to get their colonoscopies for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The third time I'm planning to dress in blue on March 1st in solidarity. The third time I hope I can convince people to get checked out so that they can stay out of this dumb club.

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That first year, I was into it. My friends all dressed in blue with me, sent me their pictures and their love. We acknowledged the ickiness of the disease and looked forward to the end of my treatment later that spring, when I would be declared NED (no evidence of disease). 

Last year was less optimistic. I wore my blue along with a few others, but we didn't make as big a deal of it. I feel like there was a loss of momentum since the day we learned that I wasn't a likely candidate for NED-status. 

I did start this blog that day (Happy Birthday, Blog!). I figured that cancer might take me at some point, but it wouldn't take me quietly, and it might miss out on taking a few others if I could get to them first. 

Now here we are. Staring down March of 2019. I'm physically spent after a week of getting chemo, fighting a cold, and road-tripping with my kids and their dad to check out colleges. My house is a mess and my clean laundry is in a basket here beside me, where I can almost hear it wrinkling while I try to ignore it. You know it's bad when my Friday blog comes out on Saturday. Blue has a different meaning to me in this moment. More Keb' Mo' and Buddy Guy than Smurfs and denim.

But I'm still here. And I'm too pissed at cancer to let March 1st go by without a fight. So I'm asking you in the week ahead to pick out the sparkliest, prettiest, craziest, stand-outiest blue outfit you can find and GO BLUE on MARCH 1ST! I'm not hoping to raise any money (although if you are looking to make a donation, I recommend the Colorectal Cancer Alliance). I just want awareness. I want everyone who should be getting colonoscopies (that's all of you who are 45 or older, and those who are younger but have a family history or clear symptoms) to schedule one. Everyone else should choose one loved one to NAG about getting a colonoscopy until they do. Let me know when you are successful. Or if you need help with the nagging. I'm super good at it. Early detection is a life saver.

The more your outfit stands out, the more people will ask you about it, and the more people you can convince to get their butts checked out. We only get one. So #protectyourasset

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