Selectboard Candidates on Goals: Two-Year Seat

This post sets forth the responses of the Selectboard candidates running for for the two-year seat on the topic of Goals. See this post for the responses of candidates for the three-year seat . [The five-question Questionnaire is here.] 

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Goals. What are the several issues that you think the Town or Selectboard should or must address in the next 12 to 18 months? Why? Do you have any specifics on how to address?  

Doug Wilberding: 

The primary focus of the Selectboard should be securing TRORC approval on the Town Plan.  There should be a clear message as to how to accomplish this.  It is concerning that some Town employees are advocating for a completing rewrite from scratch when the TRORC has indicated that only certain sections require work or revision.

Other issues include:

  • Conflict of Interest:  Selectboard and Committee Members should be prohibited from earning money or winning business contracts while they hold voluntary, non-remunerative roles with the Town.  This is already a State of Vermont statute.  Norwich needs to adopt one with real teeth that is countersigned by all parties.    
  • FEMA funding:  Obtain the FEMA funding for which Norwich has applied for the July 2017 storm in order to help the FYE 2020 budget.
  • Better fiscal management:  And avoid costly mistakes such as the 2017 trench fine and planting trees along the highway without State of Vermont approval.  
  • Energy & environment:  Support the Norwich school children who circulated a petition for a plastic bag tax.  Ask Norwich retailers to implement the $0.05-0.10/bag tax and have the funds go to the Town.  The Recycling Center should install solar.  Norwich should pass an ordinance requiring unused vehicles to be removed from people’s land, thus avoiding the leeching of chemicals into the soil and waterways.  
  • Public Safety: Pass a town ordinance banning the firing of firearms on town-owned land (i.e., Gile Mountain, among others) and complete the sidewalk extension in front of Marion Cross Elementary School.
John Langhus: 

Global warming. We must begin to take concrete steps because we lose options every year we delay. Solutions also become more expensive each year we delay because we have less time to implement them. We must transform much of how we live within 10-20 years ago. Zero emissions in electricity. Zero emissions in transportation. Zero emissions in heating, agriculture and manufacturing. That is not long. Our three ballot questions we are pushing for Town Meeting all relate to the crisis of global warming and how we might choose to begin to address it.  


POSTED: 02.23.2019 


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