Our Customers Rock!

Our Customers Rock!!! Yet again, the little bits of precious metal that our customers bring to Designer Gold have added up to a big check! Tuesday, I took $2040.11 to the Upper Valley Haven and presented it to Laura Gillespie, Development Director.

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We collect broken chains, unmatched earrings, ring shanks, and sometimes dental gold from people’s removed crowns in the “Haven Melting Project” jar. When the jar is full, we send it all to our refiner who melts it down. He sends back the complete refined value which we turn over to the Haven.

In the eight years we have been doing the Haven Melting Project, we have collected almost $30,000 for the Haven. If you want to participate, just bring in your scrap jewelry and add it to the Haven Melting jar. You can see why I say: Our Customers ROCK!


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