What is your favorite trail at the Dartmouth Skiway?

Herman's Highway: Like skiing on a pretty country road

What is your favorite trail at the Dartmouth Skiway?

Last week, while riding the Winslow chair, I tried to pick my favorite Skiway trail.  I skied five days last week, so I got plenty of chances to choose!  Here’s my short list:

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Worden’s Schuss - one of my top two Skiway “zoomers”,  where i can get up some truly exhilarating speed!

 Herman’s Highway, which is like skiing on a pretty country road.  

Thomas, where I can make lots of quick turns along the steeps and edges.  This is my other "zoomer"!

Papoose, where I always stop to gaze in wonder at the BIG rock.

About two weeks ago, I had the most amazing powder run on M.D.  It was covered in light, fluffy powder from top to bottom…being a New England skier I am better on the hard pack, but that day I truly got it (with a lot of patient coaching from Women’s Ski Clinic instructor Gabi).  Now I know why hooting and hollering with delight goes with skiing the POW, and I did some of my own!  M.D. , with its natural snow cover plus fun twists and turns, is definitely on my list -- even when it is not a powder day.

Nope - I am not going to pick a favorite.  But you can.  Which are your favorite trails at the Skiway?  Why?  Take a moment and let me know.  


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