Royalton trio busted with 3,000 bags of heroin and fentanyl

HARTLAND - Three Royalton residents are in hot water following a routine traffic stop on Interstate 91 in Hartland Tuesday afternoon which state police say turned up 3,000 bags of heroin and fentanyl.

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    John Barbera, 51; Randall Green, 54; and Shannon Barry, 31 are all due in court this afternoon to face felony charges of trafficking both heroin and fentanyl and transporting both drugs into the state.

    Trooper Jeremy Lyon said that Green was driving the vehicle which was initially stopped near Exit 9 for a minor traffic infraction before an expanding investigation that included a walk-around by a police canine led to a search of the vehicle.

    All three suspects were subsequently taken to the Royalton State Police Barracks for processing and then lodged overnight at the Springfield jail pending their scheduled arraignments.

John Barbera, 51, of Royalton, Vermont

Randall Green, 54, of Royalton, Vermont

Shannon Barry, 31, of Royalton, Vermont

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