Early Music Workshop & Concert 3/24/19
Ended March 24
March 24
1:00 PM — 9:30 PM
Price:  workshop & concert $65, concert only $20
EARLY MUSIC WORKSHOP and FACULTY CONCERT on March 24th at Seven Stars Arts in Sharon, VT Workshop Theme: Top 10 most popular women of the renaissance Amaryllis, Fair Phyllis, Maria, Daphne, Susannah fair, Eliza, Laura, Marian, Dulcina and Oriana How did they reach renaissance celebrity status?Beauty, money, power, scandal in the woods and tragic assault. Can we excuse their wrongs? No! But we can celebrate love and the muses who inspired passion and poetry. Come discover the word paintings, rhetoric and delightful imitative melodies inspired by these women. This workshop is for recorders, voices and viols (9am-3pm) followed by a concert by faculty,Sarah Cantor and Chris Rua, with friends, Laurie Rabut (gamba) and Lisa Willems(harpsichord). Workshop ($50) and concert ($15) combined $65. Concert only: $20 Advance tickets for either Workshop/Concert or Concert to SSAC, PO Box 216, Sharon, VT 05065 with choice and date 3/24 in the memo line. Tickets also available at the door.
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