Vandals surprised in the act of spray painting downtown White River Junction building

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Two young men in grey hoodies were spotted atop the former bank building at the intersection of South Main and Gates Streets at 9 a.m. Sunday morning and were scared off in the midst of spray painting some sort of message on the facade.

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    Hartford Police officers responded within minutes but no one saw how the men got off the top of the block and they were not apprehended.

    A property manager at the scene said it appeared the men had helped themselves to a ladder that was on the roof to reach the area where they were doing the painting and that they may have come across several other buildings on the downtown block in the first place in order to access the roof at 72 South Main.

    The pair had written what appeared to be "ANTFE" in large purple and pink-trimmed letters on the brickwork of the landmark Romanesque-style building which originally housed the First National Bank of White River Junction and in more recent years has been home to ARIS Solutions and several other offices.

    Police speculated that the word fragment might have been an attempt at some sort of anti-fascist logo.

    Police also said that graffiti has not been a particular problem in the downtown lately and asked that anyone who might have information about the incident to contact the Hartford Police Department at (802) 295-9425. 

Hartford Police Officer Duncan Macdonald photographs the damage from Gates Street

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