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National Do Not Call List

The phone keeps ringing with numbers that I am not familiar with so I just do not answer the phone.

This is not the best way to deal with the incessant and relentless Scamming calls that come in on my phone line.

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When I do answer of course it is someone on the other end selling me something or trying to give me a Student Loan.

I think, what if I do not answer and it is one of my kids using someone's phone or it is someone calling me to let me know my kids are hurt. 

I know some people do answer and give out their personal information unknowingly to Scam artist. 

Please if you have Elderly Family Members who could be subject to this kind of harassment, help them register by using their phone to call The National Do Not Call List.  


The phone number above is an easy way to reduce the number of calls coming into your personal number. It has easy to follow instructions. It might take up to a Month for the calls to subside but registering your number will reduce much of the unnecessary interruptions of your daily incoming calls. 

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