Windsor man sentenced for heroin possession and resisting arrest

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A Windsor resident taking a plea deal this week for possession of heroin and resisting arrest told the judge at his sentencing "I just want to move forward from this and put it behind me.  I have a daughter who needs a father and I need to be there for her.”

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    Under the terms of the deal, Marshall Gagne, 28, who grew up in Ascutney, was sentenced to an additional 12-to-38 months consecutive to a sentence he is already serving.

    Judge Timothy Tomasi commended Gagne for accepting responsibility and in his reply from the bench said “It’s never too late to turn a page.”

    When the crimes that Gagne admitted to this week took place just over a year ago in Weathersfield, Gagne had been out of jail on furlough status from a series of drug convictions he’d picked up in 2012 which carried maximum sentences of up to 10 years.

    On January 22, 2018 Weathersfield Police Officer Larry Muldoon was doing a routine patrol along Route 5 when he ended up following a car in which Gagne was the passenger into the parking lot of the Jiffymart convenience store.

    Following an interaction with Gagne in the parking lot during which Muldoon began to question whether Gagne might have violated his furlough terms, the officer decided to detain Gagne until Probation & Parole officers could come and sort the situation out, Muldoon wrote in an affidavit filed with the court.

    Muldoon said he was moving to place handcuffs on Gagne when Gagne suddenly pulled away and began running from the gas station onto Route 131 and then nearby Tenny Hill Road as Muldoon gave chase.

    After a half-mile foot pursuit, Gagne stopped and Muldoon had him down on the ground in a prone position as he radioed for backup from state police and surrounding agencies.

    A pair of volunteer firefighters initially helped Muldoon restrain Gagne and then Windsor Police Officer Christopher Aher arrived on the scene and got Gagne into handcuffs.

    Aher then searched Gagne and turned up 50 bags of heroin packed in 10-bag “bundles,” according to the affidavit.

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