Commentary In VTDigger By Norwich Resident On Gun Violence


Norwich resident Paul Manganiello wrote a Commentary in VTDigger: Taking a public health approach to gun violence.  It first appeared on February 13.

As the title suggests, Dr. Manganiello suggests a "public health approach to addressing preventable deaths and injuries caused by the epidemic of gun violence. The public health approach defines the problem, identifies the risk and protective factors, develops and tests preventive strategies, and, finally, assures widespread public adoption of these strategies."

As an example, the  Commentary states: 
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From a public health standpoint, what might be done to reduce self-inflicted or accidental firearm related deaths or injuries? For those individuals under the age of 21, a study by Hamilton et al. in 2018 reported in the Journal of Trauma Acute Care Surgery that 27 states have passed Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws; 14 states had “strong CAP laws”; defined as a law imposing criminal liability on the gun owner when a child gains access to a firearm as a result of negligent storage. Among states with strong CAP laws, the incident rate of self-inflicted pediatric firearm injuries decreased by 54 percent (Incidence Rate Ratio (IRR), 0.46; 95 percent Confidence Interval (CI), 0.26–0.79; p = 0.005) and the incident rate of unintentional firearm injuries was decreased by 44 percent (IRR, 0.56; 95 percent CI, 0.43–0.74; p < 0.001) as compared with states with no CAP law.


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