Winds of Change

The winds of change can sometimes feel more like gusts than gently breezes. Life altering occurrences in the best of times can be difficult to navigate. Changes fueled by less than the best of circumstances can feel like driving in a snow storm white out. Four wheels may still be on the road, and you are moving forward, but you're not exactly sure exactly where you are.

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When I feel overwhelmed by changes in my life, I remind myself of a story my mother told. As she recounted it: It seems a group of British, Victorian era, explorers were traveling in Northern Africa. At one point their native guides refused to pack up and journey onward, as they had been doing each day. The reason given: they felt they had been traveling too fast and they needed time for their souls to catch up.

For years, I used this analogy to explain jet lag. My body may have arrived in another time zone, but the rest of me wasn't quite there yet. Loosing my husband last year brought on a broader interpretation. I was still here, still me, but nothing felt the same. Whether a major loss or shift in your life, or just a new home, new neighborhood, new job, give yourself all the time you need to adjust. It's okay to be a bit at odds with who you used to be and who you are becoming; to be at odds with where you used to be and where you are going. Allow the change to ease in and be a gently wind, propelling you forward. Be patient, and allow your soul to catch up.

We live in an age of instant 'satisfaction', see it, do it, buy it, download it. An app for every facet of ones life. There is no app to deal with change. No one size fits all instant adjustment, and no definitive time frame. Your journey and process is unique and not defined by anyone else's expectations or time-line. Give yourself the time you need. Your soul will catch up, and you will find yourself moving forward with more clarity, and more balance once again.

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