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Prevention is part of everyday life. In your car, it's putting on your seatbelt; on your bike, it's wearing a helmet.


In Part 2 of our three-part series, Community Partnership Coordinator Angie Leduc talks about ALL Together Coalition’s Prevention Efforts in the Upper Valley

According to Leduc, prevention is something everyone can do, and it’s easier than people think.

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“Prevention is part of everyday life,” she says. “In your car, it’s putting on your seat belt.  On a bicycle, it’s wearing a helmet.” Leduc points out that when parents talk to their kids about these issues, they talk about being safe. “That’s what prevention is,” she adds. “Stopping something from happening. So when you think about substance use disorder, of course, we’d want to stop that from happening.”

This means parents can and should learn how to talk to their children about the harms of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Parents can even start by talking with their young kids about safe practices related to taking vitamins and medicines. Such conversations set the stage for open communication down the line. “Even though it might be challenging or not easy, it will get easier as you do it and there are a lot of resources for parents, like The Partnership for Drug Free Kids and Parent UP VT.”

Parents are the first line of prevention for their children, Leduc says. “Starting to talk to your kids while they’re young will help build a strong relationship of openness and honesty into their teen years. It’s never too late to start talking to your kids about these issues and once you start, don’t stop.” 


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