A Look at the Ice Sculptures at Dartmouth's Winter Carnival 2019

Some amazing artwork in ice.

My wife and I took a walk on Saturday and looked at the ice sculptures at Dartmouth.  It's a tradition at Dartmouth Winter Carnival that we've enjoyed checking out for years.  Saturday was cold enough, which was a good thing, as the temperatures had been above freezing just the day before.

"Ice Art Challenge Dartmouth Winter Carnival 2019"

There was bright sunshine, and plenty of folks working on their sculptures, and milling about. 

Not a bad way to spend a Winter afternoon!

Folks putting on the finishing touches

A Nice Acorn, and An Ice Acorn

A nicely detailed arrowhead

These artists are working on a fine looking pine tree

The theme for this year's Dartmouth Winter Carnival was "Ice Age:  250 Years of Winter"  There were also screenings of the movie "Ice Age" and "Ice Age 2", as part of the celebration, so some of the characters in the movies seem to have ended up here, as ice sculptures.

Sid the Ground Sloth

                                    Does anyone know what this is?

                                                        or this?

                                                      A nice looking Big Cat

Unfortunately, the Ice Cougar (or Shira?), was amazingly clear ice, and difficult to photograph.  But it was a beautiful carving, seen in person.

Nice Bear!

The Dartmouth Winter Carnival has been a tradition since 1910.  Events include parties at Occom Pond, snow and ice sculpting contests, movie screenings, skiing events at both Oak Hill and The Dartmouth Skiway and even "Human dog-sled races". In 1987 a World record was set for building the world's largest snowman.  

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It's a nice Winter Weekend to look forward to every year, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face if you attend any of the events.

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