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Tips to prevent you from becoming a victim of hackers

I have taken the information from an e-mail that was sent by Miranda Bergmeier. It is Titled " Another Fraud to Worry about".  I feel it is important to get the word out to as many residents as possible. Here is the message from Miranda and the Department of Public Safety. Photos courtesy of NPD.

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All; This was received from the Agency of Digital Services  -  Department of Public Safety.  Another reason to be vigilant with your information.


Dunkin Donuts has again been the victim of hackers, and while there are all kinds of jokes I could tell about this, this could have been avoided.  The method of attack used is one called credential stuffing, which means the bad guys find old credentials on the dark web and use those to try and gain access to other on-line accounts.


This is one of the reasons why it is SO critical to have different usernames and passwords for all of your accounts.  If you re-use/recycle your credentials, the bad guys merely use easily available information to compromise your account.


The hackers are out there so please beware

How can you keep from becoming a victim of a credential stuffing attack?



2 – Enable multi-factor authentication on your accounts

3 – If you have ever been compromised your data is out there, make sure you aren’t re-using that password.



Not sure if your credentials are out there?  You can check a free website called which will notify you if your information pops up in a data breach.  If your information IS found, you can read all about where and what data was compromised. 


Thanks / Stay Safe



Chief Douglas A. Robinson

Norwich Police Department

10 Hazen Street / P.O. Box 311

Norwich, Vermont 05055

PH: (802)649-1460

FAX (802)649-1460



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