Massive Speakers for Massive Sound!
Have need for a massive speaker system for an auditorium or theater or a nightclub? Or you simply want to blow the windows out of a building? Whatever your sound needs, WinCycle has some Bose speakers that will do the job! (you will need to provide your own amplifiers and other electronic components with the horsepower to drive these speakers). All of these speakers, and more, can be seen at WinCycle, 59 Main Street, Windsor, Vermont. Visit for more information. Also available: computers, monitors, and other gadgets. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. Take a look at the Bose speakers here: Also available: Tannoy Loud speakers Anchor Audio, small self-contained PA units that would work well for small meetings, etc. Ceiling-mounted speakers that can be used in an office environment or to wire a home for sound.
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