Looks like a porcupine stuck in the snow

What is this?

Now it is your turn to guess what and why it is here

I received these photos and thought they were rather original and really cool. As the story goes, these were built by some Marion Cross school students under the guidance of a teacher or two. I reached out to Lindsay Putnam, thinking she may have had a hand in this project. She stated that she would forward my e-mail to the person/persons that she thought would know more about this.

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As I await a response from them, I thought I would release the photos and ask my readers to look at them and maybe shed some light on this unusual find.

Enjoy the photos (credit goes to Lilly Trajman)  and please give me your opinions as to what they are?, why they are? and by whom they are?

I am looking forward to some neat responses and Thanks for reading my posts

I think I will take a closer look

Must be an entrance of some sort ( I wonder whats inside? )

They even have a fenced in back yard

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