ICE RESCUE 101 (Watch Video)

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Reading this could help save your life.


Each year the Windsor Fire Department hosts "Ice Rescue Operations" on Kennedy Pond. 

According to Chief Kevin McAllister of the WIndsor FIre Department, the course is designed to aid not only people in distress, but if necessary, dogs, deer, or any other domestic or wild animal.

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Each year the Windsor Fire Department sends several members of its department to a specialized training course in Maine to take an instructor training program. In turn, these "instructors" are certified to teach ice rescue techniqhies to other members and departments.

 "This is a good time of year because we can get many people on the ice to go through the training process. It's very safe when there is 12-18 inches of ice,"  says McAllister.

"A supplemental training program is provided in the springtime when the ice is less stable;  when it's actually flexing underneath you, so that trainees can get the true feeling of what unsafe ice feels like,"  he added. "It's so much more work during the training process when the trainees are actually breaking through thin ice.  It becomes a real team effort when the ice is thin. A lot of times the first recuer won't make it to the victim, but they will have broken through "thin ice" so that other rescuers have an easier path to the victim."

Training techniques invove learning how to distribute body weight on the ice; learning the correct crawling techniques,  and how to maneuver a small ice rescue craft, while pulling victims to safety. 

Chief McAllister recommends to anyone who spends time on the ice, that they  purchase a $10.00 pair of "ICE PICKS" which will fit into the sleeve of your jacket. These can aid tremendously when trying to pull yourself out of a crisis situation.  If all else fails, another technique is to try floating, and then kick yourself up onto the ice, and then wait for help. 



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