Top 10 Places For Vegan Food in The Upper Valley

Juel Thai Peanut Bowl

(These are my personal favorite places to eat, please leave in the comments if you have any recommendations too!)

Veganism is growing at an awesomely rapid rate. If you missed my previous post, click here to learn about why it's growing so fast and reasons to support the movement.

Tofu Teriyaki Lunch Box at Yama

1. Cantore's Pizza

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Thanks to a fellow DailyUV reader, I was told that Cantore's Pizza carries vegan cheese!! I've been ordering pizza from Domino's without cheese (which is actually really delicious, I swear). It was a little expensive at Cantore's Pizza but every penny was worth it. Our favorite toppings are bbq sauce in place of tomato sauce, jalapenos, black olives, and onions. Spicy and SOOO delicious!

2. Yama

Their Tofu Teriyaki Lunch Box is literally the best tofu I've ever had in my life. I suck at making tofu so it's a special treat to order it out, especially when the restaurants know how to cook it. Yama is also the best place to get vegan "sushi". Our favorite roll for years has always been the TNT roll. You HAVE to try it. Just ask them to replace the shrimp with sweet potato and ask them to hold the fish eggs. Wondering why vegans don't support the fishing industries? I'll write more about that later but click here for a rundown for now.

3. Juel

This hip, modern place is a really great place to get fresh juices, smoothies, and now vegan food! They have other wonderfully healthy products for sale like ciders, cbd items, and more. I love this place!

4. Gusanoz

They have the Beyond Burger! Go try this plant-based burger that has the same look and feel of a dead cow burger. (Be sure to order it without cheese and mayo) Gusanoz also has taco salads, burritos, enchiladas, and more. Just make the easy swap of meat with beans and hold the dairy.

5. Trail Break Taps & Tacos

Have you been to this fun spot yet? They have such a great atmosphere, beer on tap, and you guessed it, vegan options! They even mark vegan options with a "vg" next to them. So awesome. I bet you'll see more restaurants doing this in the near future. Try their delicious corn on the cob, tacos, and more.

6. Taj-E-India

Craving Indian food? I am! Search for this hidden gem in White River Junction. Absolutely delicious, authentic Indian food with great vegan options. When ordering one of their vegetable dishes, just ask them to hold the cream or yogurt if the recipe calls for it.

7. Noodle Station

Need your noodle fix? Head straight on over to the Noodle Station in Hanover! They have several great veggie options; try their General Tso's Tofu or Peter's Special (without meat or add tofu). Be sure to stop by the Swirl & Pearl next door for some super delicious bubble tea! Just opt out of any teas that come with dairy in it.

8. Moe's

We absolutely LOVE Moe's. Their burritos and salads are to die for. Load up on beans, rice, veggies (I ask for extra cilantro), and pico de gallo. Be sure to hot sauce it up if you like things spicy like me! Moe's is a quick, yet healthy option, especially when you're on the go.

9. Panera Bread

As you probably know already, Panera Bread has great soups, salads, and sandwiches. My favorite go-tos are the Green Passion Power smoothie, the Autumn Squash soup (when in season), the Ten Vegetable soup, and the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. Just ask them to hold the cheese and ask for sourdough, ciabatta, or a french baguette. Click here to view more vegan options at Panera Bread. 

10. Taco Bell

Hey, we all need that quick fast food fix occasionally or when we're on the road. Taco Bell is our favorite go to chain because they have BEANS! You can order pretty much anything they offer, just replace meat with beans and say no to cheese, ranch sauce, and sour cream. One day they will carry vegan cheese, sauces, and sour cream...just you wait! (Our favorite menu item is the Veggie Power Burrito and the Crunchwrap Supreme, click here to view their other options).

Some people think being vegan is restrictive, turns out it's not and it will just keep getting easier and easier. Before you know it everything will be vegan, even your favorite animal products. (Lab grown meat, etc. They're even working on growing leather now!) What is actually restrictive is believing that the same animals and their bodily fluids need to be on one's plate at every meal. Keep an eye on my next post about our favorite products to buy at the grocery store and our favorite, easy DIY recipes!

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