Chance Meetings

Right place? Right time? Have you ever had one of those inexplicable moments when something happens that comes out of the blue? Had you turned left instead of right or had it not rained, or if you'd chosen one seat on a plane over than another and as a consequence met someone who changed your life?

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I've had two such moments that brought family members home. I found an antique studio photo of my grandfather in a pile of old photos in a shoe box at a flea market. Idly flipping through a stack of hardboard sepia Victorian studio photos of carefully posed Victorian children, families, and patriarchs, suddenly, there was my grandfather staring back at me. My mother had the same photo of her father on her dresser and I remembered it well. Now, here he was, his Cushing Academy ( Ashburnham, Mass.) graduation photo from 1898. I'll never know what led me to look in that box, on that day, but I do know I was amazed and pleased to pay the dollar to get him out of that box of strangers and bring him home.

In the same vein, I will never know what made me search for my mother's name on ebay.  My sister and I often look for random 'Bliss' items on ebay, but I'd never put in my mother's full married name before. Lo and behold, a black and white photograph of my mother, taken in 1980, while protesting for peace, appeared on my lap top screen. Historic photos, gleaned from newspapers and magazine archives are often posted for sale by enterprising individuals and apparently she made the cut for posting. I imagine it came from the archives of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where I grew up. It isn't everyone who can boast they found their mother on ebay. I paid the asking price, and she is now in the family archives along with her father.

Random chance, divine intervention or some undercurrent of connectivity that speaks to our subconscious? When your mind is calm and open, you are more open to these moments that can turn your life in surprising directions. So, breathe deep, clear your mind, relax, and see where this journey of life takes you.

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