Another Loch Ness Monster? (Watch Video)

Its tracks were seen by a good many people.

Some of the local residents thought it was a bear

It can be surprising what secrets are hidden away in some of the local historical society museums. 

The return of a supposedly extinct animal, or the ghost of a once–living creature? Who can say for sure. But you can take a little peek at the past at the Weathersfield Hstorical Society’s Museum, just across from the most photographed church in Vermont.

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Up the museum stairs and in the shadows of the attic we’re going to look in on something that, in the words of an old account, “ kept the citizens… in an unpleasant state of uneasiness, if not alarm…” 

In fact, it was considered something of a MONSTER!  But of course this was no monster at all. It was simply doing what it had to in order to survive against the impossible odds of men, dogs, and guns. 

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